When this blog first launched in 2017, Lisa-Michelle Kucharz dedicated it to the youth victims of bullycide. She now shares resources, information, insights, and opinions on a variety of topics, along with occasional wildlife, nature, and food photos.

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I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness — it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude. — Brené Brown

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Digital wellness and meditation moment for Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Thrive Global article.

6 Tips to Improve Your Digital Wellness
September 29, 2021

Digital wellness is much more than a buzz phrase. Most of us lead constantly connected lives, whether we’re actively using our devices, checking them … Continue reading

Clock and message: It's time to talk about goals.

Goals: How Strategic Flexibility Reigns
September 2, 2021

You could say I have been obsessed with goals and getting things done for most of my life, and I’m a firm believer in the wisdom shared by Ken Blanchard, PhD … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Work Life a Dog Thrive Global Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

10 Reasons to Work Like a Dog
August 4, 2021

August 5th is Work Like A Dog Day. While I don’t know anyone who observes rituals for this day of unknown origin, the thought of it has perplexed me for years. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Gratitude Practice Thrive Global Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

Upgrade Your Gratitude Practice
July 11, 2021

Many people have a diary or journal, where they occasionally write down their thoughts, hopes, goals, dreams, successes, frustrations, and disappointments. Continue reading

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Valley Stream Resident Works to Combat Cyberbullying

Valley Stream Resident Works to Combat Cyberbullying
June 7, 2021

With teens spending more time online amid COVID-19 than ever before, cyberbullying has become an epidemic. With the help, though, of Valley Stream resident, Lisa-Michelle Kucharz … Continue reading

Cyberbullying Task Force Bill S623 A2206 Passed in New York State

New York State Passes Bill to Create Cyberbullying Task Force
May 26, 2021

I’m thrilled to share that the bill to create a cyberbullying task force passed in the New York State Senate today and Assembly two weeks ago! Continue reading

Elizabeth A Morton Wildlife Refuge Dunes

Taking a Break, Really
April 5, 2021

One of the most memorable moments of my career was when a supervisor of mine forced me to take a three-week vacation. At the time, the workaholic New Yorker in me could not fathom … Continue reading

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Work From Home

Happy Work-From-Home Anniversary to Me
March 16, 2021

A year ago today, after my first COVID-19 test and order to quarantine, I began working from home. Several negative tests for the virus and for the antibodies later … Continue reading

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Panelist on New York State Senate Roundtable on Cyberbullying

Coming Together to Diminish Cyberbullying
February 14, 2021

A year ago today, after my first COVID-19 test and On Thursday, February 11, 2021, New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky hosted a New York State Senate Roundtable on Cyberbullying … Continue reading

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