On The Job

One-the-job success is most often not a result of wishful thinking or luck, although it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of the latter from time to time. Making your professional dreams come true or achieving current goals is the result of learning, practice, development, and growth.

With more than 20 years professional experience in a variety of fields, positions, and leadership roles, Lisa-Michelle has amassed the knowledge and expertise to help others succeed at work. As a mentor, she has helped guide colleagues, up-and-coming professionals, and students achieve short- and long-term goals — excelling in their current roles and gaining the knowledge and skills they need to advance. She shares proven tools and tips to help people achieve on-the-job success, while increasing their happiness at work.

While the tools to help you thrive are separated into categories to help you quickly find topics of interest, their insights often cross over between subjects. For now, dive into what you need most. When you have more time, come back and explore them all.