Sustainable happiness comes from a life comprised of pleasure and meaning with present and future benefit. A happy life most often is dependent on having a sense of purpose, a reason for being, as well as something for which to look forward.

According to positive psychology experts, happy people have a goal they consider worthy, and they enjoy the journey to achieve it. Happiness also can be achieved through participating in something compelling and challenging, especially when it is perceived to make a contribution to the world.

It’s not about a single moment or a constant high. It is important to remember it is about a sum of experiences. In other words, one can have unpleasant times and still achieve overall happiness.

Research shows that happy people often are successful in multiple areas of their lives, and the relationship is reciprocal. Often people think that professional success leads to happiness. While success may contribute to it, studies illustrate that happiness also leads to more success.

Increase Your Happiness Now

Happiness During the Holiday Season

Have a Happier Holiday Season
If holiday season stress can bring you down, consider taking these steps to make it a happier and less stressful experience.

Increase Your Happiness At Work
Whether you’re already working at your dream job, learning from a stepping-stone position, or currently in a do-what-you-have-to-do-to-get-a-paycheck roles, you can increase your happiness.

While the tools to help you thrive are separated into categories to help you quickly find topics of interest, their insights often cross over between subjects. For now, dive into what you need most. When you have more time, come back and explore them all.

Lisa-Michelle holds certificates in positive psychology (CiPP) and happiness studies (CiHS).