10 Reasons to Work Like a Dog

Work Like a Dog - Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

August 5th is Work Like A Dog Day. While I don’t know anyone who observes rituals for this day of unknown origin, the thought of it has perplexed me for years. I’ve struggled to ignore its absurdity, as well as the saying itself in relation to modern-day house dogs.

But, I’m offering a new take on this day and encouraging all of us to work like a dog, especially as many people are heading back to their offices.

How can working like a dog can be good for you, your team, your organization, and the bottom line?

Dogs are good listeners. Numerous studies, including one by author John Izzo, show that employees are less productive and don’t take initiative, because management doesn’t listen or get input before making decisions. Being a good listener is key to an individual’s success. Having a team of good listeners can dramatically help an organization improve its results.

Dogs don’t talk behind people’s backs. While getting the 4-1-1 on new initiatives near the water cooler can be helpful, the amount of gossip floating around a typical office can hurt individuals and put a damper on employee morale.

Dogs are willing to try new things. According to Alex Lickerman, M.D., trying something new keeps you from becoming bored, opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new, and forces you to grow. Any of these reasons would have positive results for you and your work, and the combination of the three is a home run.

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