Happy Work-From-Home Anniversary to Me

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Work From Home

A year ago today, after my first COVID-19 test and order to quarantine, I began working from home. Several negative tests for the virus and for the antibodies later, I’m fortunate to still be able to work remotely. For me, working from home during the pandemic was a gift I didn’t know I wanted, and I appreciated it very much.

Speaking with friends and colleagues, it’s clear that remote work isn’t for everyone, and not just those whose positions don’t allow for it, like the essential workers to whom we will forever be indebted. Some people felt they couldn’t focus or communicate or produce well while away from the office. I was not one of them.

Having worked with remote teams and satellite locations for most of my career, my transition as an individual was smooth and simple. My productivity soared, and I thrived. Helping colleagues who were unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable with the new reality was tricky at times. Almost everyone eventually got on board, figuring out how to make it work for themselves and their teams.

While we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, I’m looking forward to our next new, more positive normal. With the hopes of herd immunity or effective vaccines some workspaces will fill up again, others will transition to complete remote work, and others will opt for hybrid approaches. Whatever comes our way next, I will remember my time working from home as one of the most positive aspects of the pandemic.

Happy WFH anniversary!