New York State Passes Bill to Create Cyberbullying Task Force

Cyberbullying Task Force Bill S623 A2206 Passed in New York State

I’m thrilled to share that the bill to create a cyberbullying task force passed in the New York State Senate today and Assembly two weeks ago — both with overwhelming support! Next step . . . the governor’s desk!

It’s a very surreal moment, a blend of elation and other emotions, after several years of advocacy and partnering with legislators to reach this point. When I experienced cyberstalking and harassment, two things were clear: first, I couldn’t fathom how youth experiencing cyberbullying could handle similar treatment; second, I was going to do something about it.

There’s a fine balance of patience and diligence in advocacy. It took four years of reaching out to New York State legislators and other elected officials — asking for their attention, support, and action. Four years of engaging community leaders, parents, students, educators, and anyone who would listen to me — sharing information on how to prevent and handle cyberbullying, and asking them to join me in persuading legislators to support the bill.

I was especially fortunate New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky, who introduced the bill in the Senate, and Assemblywoman Didi Barrett, who sponsored it in the Assembly, did not waiver from their commitment to address cyberbullying and its impact on youth.

This has been one of the most meaningful and satisfying experiences of my life, and the ongoing encouragement of my family, friends, colleagues, and fellow advocates made a huge difference. I will forever be grateful for their support.

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