Meet Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Fights Back Against Cyberbullying

With more than 20 years leadership experience, Lisa-Michelle Kucharz is an award-winning professional, advocate, educator, mentor, and speaker. She was the target of cyberstalking and harassment, but chose to fight back and won a groundbreaking international case. Lisa-Michelle is passionate about cyberbullying and online abuse prevention.

Lisa-Michelle’s story of tracking down her cyberstalker and overcoming severe harassment and online abuse has been featured on NBC New York, CBS New York, Newsday, News12 Long Island, WCBS 880 AM, the Long Island Herald, MyFox8, CNN Wire, Patch, Longisland.com, MSN News, and other news media outlets.

On October 20, 2021, legislation to create a task force to explore cyberbullying and measures to address it was signed by Governor Kathy Hochul. Lisa-Michelle and her advocacy efforts have been credited with inspiring the legislation.

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Valley Stream resident works to combat cyberbullying

“[Lisa’s] pain really made us take notice and say, ‘why is this allowed to happen?’” [NYS Senator Todd] Kaminsky stated he was grateful to Lisa for sharing her experience and drawing his focus to the problem of cyberbullying …”Valley Stream resident works to combat cyberbullying, Long Island Herald

Lisa-Michelle Kucharz has contributed to a variety of publications and websites about cyberbullying and online abuse prevention, cyber-safety, online reputation management, effectiveness, wellness, happiness, and positive psychology.

Opinion: Counterman v. Colorado

This summer, the US Supreme Court overturned the Counterman v. Colorado stalking conviction of a man who was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison and sent the case back to the Colorado courts, sharing a new view on what speech is protected and what speech is a threat. Changing the standard in this fashion is dangerous. Putting additional burdens on victims, prosecutors, and law enforcement to pursue cases of people who are actively instilling fear and tormenting victims is … Read More