Has your wellness declined during the pandemic? According to the American Psychological Association, the pandemic’s stressful events resulted in mental health challenges, and one’s physical health also may have declined due to the inability to cope in healthy ways.

Even before the pandemic, most of us put off caring for ourselves or have had periods in our lives when it was not a priority, whether we thought pursuing a career, starting a business, or caring for family could not happen while we cared for ourselves, or we just didn’t have the knowledge or tools.

Improving your wellness is possible. With planning, learning, action, and commitment, your time and energy will be well spent, with an extraordinary return on your investment.

While the tools to help you thrive are separated into categories to help you quickly find topics of interest, their insights often cross over between subjects. For now, dive into what you need most. When you have more time, come back and explore them all.

With more than 20 years leadership experience, Lisa-Michelle shares scientific methods to help people achieve and maintain optimal wellness, happiness, and professional success — offering simple steps to achieve goals and create sustainable change.