Thank you, 2019!

2019 wasn’t my best year, and it also was nowhere near my worst. This is a great time to reflect on what went well and lessons learned in 2019, so we can set goals for the new year — what we want to accomplish, increase, and steer clear of in 2020.

What I learned in 2019

  • Kindness is making a comeback.
  • Seasoned professionals who share their knowledge, resources, and connections are extraordinarily generous.
  • I love learning — through formal education, professional training, rubbing shoulders with experts, and every day experiences.
  • Some people write off boomers or millennials. Those are not my people.
  • Doing more of what you love really increases happiness, reduces stress, and improves productivity and creativity.
  • Spending time in nature is one of the greatest gifts I give myself and share with others.
  • I prefer to be behind the camera than in the spotlight.
  • It’s good to walk away, or at least distance yourself, from what doesn’t serve you.
  • Using someone’s preferred pronouns is important. It’s ok to acknowledge that you’re not great at this, apologize, and continuously try to get it right.
  • We can make good, genuine connections and friends through social media, but it’s more important than ever to proceed with caution.
  • Integrity is one of the most important character traits of those close to us in our professional and personal lives. Its absence is obvious and almost impossible to teach.
  • Online abuse and threats are thriving.
  • People can improve their situations – if they desire. Motivating their desire to change is often difficult and sometimes near impossible.
  • Some friendships are forever. Some are not. Cherish the good ones.
  • One can set out to gain three to five pounds, but gain nine instead; one also can set out to lose 60 pounds and lose 100.
  • My dad was right about more than I like to admit.

Thank you for the valuable lessons, 2019! Bring it on, 2020!

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year — filled with good health, happiness, love, friendship, success, prosperity, lessons to learn, and dreams come true!