In the News: Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Fights Back Against Cyberbullying

By Jen A. Miller, Binghamton University Magazine Lisa-Michelle Kucharz ’90 knew what happened to her was awful. For several years, a stranger flooded her inbox and Facebook Messenger with cruel messages. She was subject to defamatory blog posts accusing her of criminal activity, threats of violence, antisemitism, humiliation and multiple impersonation accounts on social media. … Continue reading In the News: Lisa-Michelle Kucharz Fights Back Against Cyberbullying

Let’s Stop Cyberbullying Together

Cyberbullying continues to be a major concern among students, parents, educators, school administrators, healthcare professionals, community leaders, and advocates. The good news, however, is we all can be part of the solution. Here are some quick tips to help stop cyberbullying. Learn more about cyberbullying and digital abuse prevention tips and resources: Cyberbullying Prevention … Continue reading Let’s Stop Cyberbullying Together

Oscars 2022: Jokes, Jabs, and Other Lessons

The 2022 Oscars will forever be remembered as the night that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, and Smith was allowed to remain at the event, receive an award, deliver his acceptance speech, and attend after-parties. I’m sometimes baffled about the topics people expect me to weigh in on, especially when they don’t involve cyberbullying, cyberstalking, … Continue reading Oscars 2022: Jokes, Jabs, and Other Lessons

Internet Safety for Kids

Thank you to Consumer Notice for reaching out to share the valuable information in Internet Safety for Kids. The following post is a compilation of excerpts from their comprehensive guide. Threats to children’s internet safety include invasions of privacy, cyberbullying, sexting and harassment. Options to protect your children include parental controls, apps and tracking software. … Continue reading Internet Safety for Kids