Fall Foliage for the Win

Fall Foliage Photography By Lisa-Michelle Kucharz

No matter how many times I see the fall foliage, it doesn’t cease to amaze me. I’d like to say I appreciate all things with the same awe, but it’s not the case.

I often wonder if it is the way it looks or the way I look at it, and why do some people, places, things, and experiences become mundane and others continue to inspire us forever.

My hiking buddies and I often joke about how we feel bad for squirrels, who aren’t featured in many photos and do not get even a small amount of attention compared to other wildlife. At the same time, I recall when friends and relatives visited Long Island from other countries, they were in awe of these common grey fur balls.

Our reactions are somewhat based on our perceptions and on values we assign, whether we are aware of it or not.

Regardless of the reason, I hope the fall foliage never ceases to draw me in, and I continue to appreciate it with wonder year after year.

Portrait of Fall
By Alora M. Knight

Looking out my window
In October’s golden light,
I see a beauty unsurpassed,
A truly lovely sight.

Leaves are saying soft good-byes
As they come floating down
To make a nature’s carpet
Of yellow, red, and brown.

Mountain tops, now turned to white,
Forewarn of winter chills,
While trees, like golden rivers,
Wind their way up through the hills.

Throughout our world’s creation
You will ever find it thus,
Kaleidoscopes of color,
In God’s hand, the artist’s brush.

PHOTO: @be_naturae