Enhance Your Space To Improve Your Mood and Increase Your Happiness

Happiness is not about a single moment or a constant high. It’s a sum of experiences. You can have unpleasant times and still achieve overall happiness.

The good news is most people can increase their happiness. By applying proven tools, some which take only a few minutes to implement, one can learn to appreciate positive circumstances, shape surroundings, discover optimal practices, and benefit from understanding the mind-body connection.

During my positive psychology course with Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, co-founder of the Happiness Studies Academy and international best-selling author, he shared that we are constantly primed by our surroundings and have the ability to create positive environments to impact how we feel and think. As such, one technique to help increase your happiness is to surround yourself with items that will inspire you to be happy. This could include photos of people who are significant to you, inspirational quotes, pictures of your favorite places, artwork, memorabilia, movie posters, plants, flowers, meaningful books, family members’ craft projects, letters, emails, cards, toys, and anything that is positively meaningful to you.

Make sure to notice the items as often as possible, even for a few minutes every day. To get started, add one item. Choose something that brings a smile to your face as soon as you look at it or even just think about it. Put it somewhere you’ll be sure to notice it.

If you’re applying this technique to your workspace, remember to be considerate of others and use items that do not offend colleagues or break workplace policies.

You can be happier and flourish. Sometimes, increasing your happiness is as simple as looking around you.