If You Are Experiencing Cyberbullying

Teen girl experiencing cyberbullying

If you’re experiencing cyberbullying, speak about it with a trusted adult — parent, other relative, teacher, coach, activity leader, guidance counselor, or member of the clergy.

If someone has threatened to hurt you physically, speak with an adult immediately.

Steps to handle cyberbullying:

  • Speak with a trusted adult.
  • Do not respond or retaliate.
  • If you received private messages, emails, or text messages, consult with your parent or legal guardian about sending the account responsible a message to “Stop.”
  • Do not forward or share posts or messages.
  • Save the evidence — screenshots, images, posts, texts, emails, or private messages.
  • Block the accounts engaging in cyberbullying.
  • Report abusive content to the website or app.

You also can reach out to the following resources, if you’re experiencing cyberbullying:

Stomp Out Bullying HelpChat Line

stopbullying.gov Get Help Now

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

New York State Passes Bill to Create Cyberbullying Task Force

May 26, 2021 — I’m thrilled to share that the bill to create a cyberbullying task force passed in the New York State Senate today and Assembly two weeks ago — both with overwhelming support! Next step . . . the governor’s desk!

It’s a very surreal moment, a blend of elation and other emotions, after several years of advocacy and partnering with legislators to reach this point. When I experienced cyberstalking and harassment, two things were clear: first, I couldn’t fathom how youth experiencing cyberbullying could handle similar treatment; second, I was going to do something about it.

There’s a fine balance of patience and diligence in advocacy. It took four years of reaching out to New York State legislators and other elected officials — asking for their attention, support, and action. Four years of engaging community leaders, parents, students, educators, and anyone who would listen to me — sharing information on how to prevent and handle cyberbullying, and asking them to join me in persuading legislators to support the bill. Read More